The Indian Surrogacy Law Center is a legal consultancy firm that specializes in the law relating to human reproductive sciences, surrogacy laws, and fertility laws. It helps childless couples from all over the world to navigate through the surrogacy process in India and protect their rights and interests. It also provides services such as drafting and reviewing surrogacy agreements, advising businesses and intended parents, securing parental orders, and representing clients in court cases related to surrogacy.

The Indian Surrogacy Law Center was founded in 2008 by Mr. Hari G Ramasubramanian, who is a pioneer and expert in the field of surrogacy laws in India. He has authored several articles, addressed various forums, and obtained the first parental order in India for a single parent who achieved parenthood through surrogacy.

The Indian Surrogacy Law Center is the only specialist independent legal consultancy firm in India that focuses entirely on surrogacy and related issues. It has been involved in high-profile and complex matters pertaining to surrogacy and has helped many clients from different countries and backgrounds to fulfill their dreams of having a child.