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    • Negotiating with medical centres on various standpoints
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    We are not just another law firm.  We are India's Premium Legal Consultants on Assisted Reproductive Technology.


    Cutting Edge Expertise in Surrogacy Laws in India


    Our teams of heads and advisors have immense knowledge pertaining to laws of Assisted Reproductive Technology, domestic and international surrogacy arrangements. We have been pioneers in Surrogacy Laws in India and have grown with the field. We have been the first to found the law firm on Fertility Law and immense international resources to handle every requirements of our clients.

  • Passion is the core strength...

    Driven by Passion and expertise at all levels, our work is to help you manage formidable situations with absolute control over what is happening. Armed with the finest tools, global knowledge and international legal consultants we are no doubt considered to be the first choice for legal challenges in Assisted Reproductive Technology Laws.

    Our core team is not huge but efficient and hardworking. We are closely knit by throbbing energy and passion in every work we take up and promise to deliver results. We are quick to respond to our clients, sensitive to time, flexible in our work timings and watchful in our decision making process. All our attorneys can be contacted over their hand phones at time of the day and are patiently responsive to every query of our client.

  • Things work differently in different parts of the world...

    The Indian Legal system vastly differs from the rest of the world. Since surrogacy is considered to be a question of public policy for many countries, surrogacy is not sanctioned and may not be even permitted outside the borders. However, Surrogacy Laws in India have been much in favour of International Surrogacy Arrangements.
    Cautious approach plays the key role. We are certain to advise our clients on how to avoid problems rather than waiting for the problem to arise and then tackle it. We have learnt from experience that few legal issues can blow into unmanageable proportions for our clients causing irreparable emotional loss, time and money. It is our paramount concern that the legal issues never go beyond the reach of our clients. At the earliest time we tend to locate all possible conflicting situation and advise the client of the possible solution.
  • International Experience

    International Knowledge and mastery pertaining to surrogacy would be demonstrated at every action of ours. With our global network of consultants would be able to efficaciously deal with every question involving international laws of every country. We have immense knowledge on surrogacy laws in India and help you navigate the process in the best manner possible. We have experienced almost every possible situation that arises with regard to international surrogacy in India and achieved the best possible results.

Indian Surrogacy Law Centre is India’s premium Legal Consultant with expertise in Surrogacy Laws in India and International Surrogacy Laws. We have been pioneers in the law relating to human reproductive sciences and have helped hundreds of childless couples from all over the world navigate through the dark emotional passages of surrogacy, egg donation and embryo donation.

India forms a natural destination for International Surrogacy Arrangements. Excellent medical facilities, convenience in approach, abundant information on the Internet, favourable legal position and economic viability has immensely positioned India as a preferred destination for international surrogacy arrangements. With the passage of time, India has positioned itself as a pioneer in International Surrogacy Arrangements, helping thousands of international couple achieving parenthood. The process of surrogacy is no more closed as it used to be earlier and much information is available even in the online space about surrogacy arrangements in India. Further, the international media has been constantly reporting on every development in this sphere.

The desire to procreate is a very fundamental attribute of the human race. Sadly though, many are denied the joy of parenthood due to several reasons, biological or otherwise. With the developments in reproductive sciences and technologies the barriers to parenthood are no longer as formidable as they once were. Over the years, surrogacy has evolved as a much-preferred mode of bringing a child into this world, for childless couples who cannot biologically afford it otherwise. India, in particular has seen a rise in the recourse to surrogacy as an ideal technique for childless couples to enjoy the pleasures of parenthood. The only impediments the system faces now relate to the legal tangles that manifest it in the various phases of the process involved.

Surrogacy Laws in India

Indian Surrogacy Law Centre is a pioneer and expert in Surrogacy Law in India and international surrogacy laws. Being the first legal consultants in the country with exclusive practice in Surrogacy Laws in India, we have immense knowledge pertaining to International Surrogacy Laws and Surrogacy Laws in India. Our team has a combined experience of over 100 years and we are fully equipped to deal with each and every legal requirement pertaining to International Surrogacy arrangements in India.

Surrogacy Laws in India are also undergoing an immense change lately. The Union of India is taking steps to position India as a legally risk-free destination when it comes to international surrogacy arrangements. The Indian Government is implementing legal mechanisms to ensure that the child born out of surrogacy arrangement in India would have a safe passage back home. Though such measures have affected few nationals, it could be considered legally safe in the long run for surrogacy in India.

With us by your side, the legal issues stay out of your mind, making surrogacy in India a simple happy journey to hold the hands of your child. We take care of the legal aspects of all pre-surrogacy procedures and post birth procedures. The pre-surrogacy procedures include assessing the risks and needs, counselling to the Intended Parents and the surrogates; and reviewing or drafting of the surrogacy contracts. The post delivery procedure includes framing country specific strategy on how to take your new-born surrogate baby abroad with the appropriate legal travel documents. We also advise you on how to get an order from the Indian Courts helping you to take your child with you to your homeland.



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