Pre Surrogacy Legal Counselling

Indian Surrogacy Law Centre plays a significant role of an independent legal advisor for intended parents from all parts of the world. We have been helping childless couple make intelligible decisions at different stages of their surrogacy arrangement in India.

But the first question that arises is "Is surrogacy in India right for me?"

Surrogacy in India is not same as everywhere. India is huge country with choices aplenty. How to make the right decision with regard to your surrogate mother, choosing the right surrogacy clinic, preliminary legal issues or any other issues that might affect your prospect in India requires great amount of consideration. We could help you in a significant manner to understand the process and help you in your decision making process.

The decision to go in for surrogacy in India is quite a delicate and elaborate one. It requires taking into consideration of various aspects relating and surrounding it. It is sure a decision of a lifetime and that requires this one to be the most reasoned decision.

  • Are you cautious?
  • How do you go about the decision?
  • How to choose the right hospital?
  • What is the Law relating to Surrogacy in India?
  • What are the issues that you need to talk to the doctor?
  • What aspects are you required keeping in mind before you make the payment to the agency or to the hospital?
  • How do you make the payment?
  • What are the agreements you need to sign?
  • Does your surrogacy agreement contain the most essential elements for a surrogacy contract?
  • Do you have a surrogacy arrangement agreement?
  • Does the hospital have a surrogacy arrangement agreement?
  • Whether working with a clinic suits you, or whether an agency is better?

This Pre Surrogacy Legal Counseling Program for Intended Parent program is meant for intended parents who wish to know how surrogacy works in India and how to choose the right clinic. This program makes you cautious, informed and alert. It gives you the confidence to make the right decision. Added to this information, this program shall enable you to have continued access to a lawyer who shall help you till the time you choose the clinic.



The program is done completely online, through video conferencing, right at the comfort of your home, whichever part of the world you reside. After submission of the Application Form and completion of the payment procedure, you can fix a convenient timing during which the counselling shall be done. An experienced lawyer enrolled with the Bar Council of India shall counsel you. You will also be entitled for continued support from our firm.



The program is structured in such a manner so as to give you a panoramic idea about the issues in surrogacy in India. There are two sessions, the description of which is as follows:

  • First Session shall sensitise you about the Indian Scenario of surrogacy, the laws surrounding it and also what precautions are required from your side.
  • The Second session is meant to answer your queries, which you will have after the counselling session.
  • A lawyer enrolled with the Bar Council of India shall do the counselling.
  • The Session shall also explain to you what should be reasonably expected out of a clinic and what precautions to be taken while dealing with the clinics, and the surrogate. It shall also educate you on the communications, which a clinic should provide when you are enrolled with them.
  • The Program shall cover the details about the Surrogacy Arrangement Agreement (to be entered with the clinic/service provider) and Surrogacy Agreement (to be entered with the surrogate mother)
  • There is an unlimited backing till the time you choose the clinic.


For fixing an appointment or for any queries please mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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