Representing Intended Parents in India


To bridge the gap between Intended Parents and the hospital/agency and the surrogate mother.


Even before getting the basic information from the Hospitals or the agency, sometimes the Intended Parents are made to make a part payment, for confirming their surrogacy program with the hospital or agency. Now, how to verify if things are doing good even before making the payment?

The biggest challenge for any foreign national who wishes to take up surrogacy in India is the distance. The direct result of the huge distance is, not having an independent knowledge of what’s happening to the Surrogate Mother and to the process. Though the hospitals (or agencies) promise continued updatesupdates on the process, it is at times not kept up, causing deep worries in the minds of the Intended Parents.

Also, in a situation, where the surrogate mother is not kept in a comfortable position by the Hospital (or the agency) the surrogate mother does not have means to contact the Intended Parents. What will she do?

Are the Intended Parents aware about everything that is happening between the hospital and the surrogate mother?

The scariest thing for a national of another country to take up surrogacy in India is the communication gap and not having the personal knowledge of what’s happening here. There have been times where the intended parents are not fully informed about the surrogacy procedure, but they just blindly come down to India for the sake of collecting better information. The Intended Parents are also in most cases not very sure of what has been understood between them and the hospitals. There arises a lacuna in the minds of the Intended Parents in this regard and not a sense of full satisfaction. Certain Intended Parents find it a problem to even get the initial details from the hospitals about surrogacy process, medical procedures, the payment mode and schedules etc. This being the case, it can be imagined how difficult it is for the intended parents to monitor the whole surrogacy process from a place parted by few thousand miles.

Indian Surrogacy Law Centre plays the role of a representative for the Intended Parents, helping them understand the surrogacy process in India. ISLC represents Intended Parents with the Hospital and the Surrogate mother across the country. We meet the Hospital Authorities, make sure that your ideas and specifications match and that there exists no lacuna in either of your minds. We make sure that there is a harmony of thought between the Intended Parents, Surrogate Mothers and the Hospital.


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